In case you haven’t heard, we’ve rebranded our podcast! Join the producer, Ogi Sucur, as he explains the reason for the change from Emperor Teaches to Fireside Finance. He also explains the mission of the show and what type of content you can expect from future episodes; from personal finance tips, to detailed financial explanations.

To celebrate the launch of the Fireside Finance podcast, Ogi interviews the two co-founders of Emperor Investments, Brenna Casserly and Francis Tapon. They share their background stories, how they met, and how they founded and grew the company to what it is today. Additionally, learn about Emperor’s mission and vision as well as a few new products that are in the works. To end the podcast, the CEO, Brenna Casserly, shares a few words for current and potential Emperor clients.

Please send us any questions you may have about finance to [email protected] or tweet us @emperorinvests using the hashtag #FiresideFinanceQA. If you do, professor Tapon might just answer them in a future episode.


Thanks for your continued support,

The Emperor Team