October was a month of changes for us and we’re excited to let you know what’s new!¬†If you’re one of our podcast listeners, you may have noticed something¬†a little bit different. We’ve changed the name and¬†direction¬†in an effort to provide you with more valuable content. We’re also trying something new and working with financial advisors to provide our portfolios as an option for their clients. Finally, our Instagram account got some much needed TLC, so check it out and¬†follow us¬†for something a little more stylish.

Without further ado, here’s everything that¬†happened in October:

We launched the Fireside Finance podcast

On October 26th, the first episode of our rebranded podcast, the Fireside Finance show, launched! In this introductory episode, we interviewed the founders of Emperor Investments to get some more details on the company and their plans for the future. We also explained the reason for the rebrand. In short, we changed the name because we wanted to emphasize education over growth for Emperor as the goal of the podcast. We also wanted to appeal to a wider audience. To that end, we are going to shift some of our focus to personal finance topics in an effort to help you with more than just investing.

We’re connecting with financial advisors

Our mission is to democratize access to stock market investing and help everyone better their personal finances. But we recognize that some people need more than just a goal-based¬†investing¬†solution to get on the road to financial independence. That’s why we’re establishing relationships with financial advisors.¬†We want to offer our portfolios to those¬†people who need hands-on guidance that we can’t provide at this time.

Not you? Don’t¬†worry.¬†We will still continue to offer our online service¬†and are committed to improving the platform.

We became more stylish

Our Instagram account got a much-needed update and we will be continuing to post¬†on the platform. Follow us to get news¬†updates, financial motivation, answers to your questions, and content that you wouldn’t otherwise get on our other social media platforms.

Topics we covered this month

In addition to the first episode of the new podcast, we covered a wide range of topics this month. On the final episode of the Emperor Teaches podcast, we explored the difference between buy-side and sell-side financial analysts and which you can trust. As for our blog posts, we gave you an introduction to cryptocurrency and shared a few behavioral tips that could help you become a better investor.

NOTE: We’re changing our posting schedule slightly because of our rebranded podcast. Blog posts will remain biweekly on Wednesdays, but podcast episodes will now be released biweekly on Fridays.¬†Use the hashtag¬†#FiresideFriday¬†to join the conversation!

That’s all!

Thank you for being a part of our journey and continuing to support us as we grow. To learn more about Emperor, visit our site or send us an email at¬†[email protected]¬†and we’d be happy to answer any questions!


All the best,

The Emperor Team